Stock photography by Richard Bradford at Alamy

To use my images you need a licence ...

You need a licence to use my images, whether privately, for commercial publication, or for educational use, in any media.

Licences for many of my images are available through the Alamy agency - please contact them for details.

To find my work:

  1. Hover over the image on my website to display the filename beginning L, P, or _.
  2. Next, simply click on Alamy, then
  3. Browse or search using the filename and / or keywords to help locate the image you want. (Note that Alamy adds its own reference system for the images).

A small number of images on my website are not handled by Alamy. If you would like to use these, please contact me directly, giving details of the filename (beginning L, P, or _) as well as the intended use.